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Mood eSolutions is a privately held and family-owned WordPress Development and Digital Marketing company. Our vision is to provide premium web design and management services at prices that won't break the bank. We offer a wide range of services including web design, search engine and web page optimisation, website maintenance and care plans, consulting and social media management and event marketing. Mood eSolutions prides itself on customer-oriented services and delivering creative and effective results.

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From the smallest family blog to the flagship of your online presence, let us help you plan, produce and publish your website. We will walk with you every step of the way and make sure every angle is looked at, SEO, Social Media Integration, E-Commerce, SQL... All of it. check out our portfolio


"Thanks Cameron for a fantastic, professional, new website!! We at Tista.com.au are extremely happy with our new website and look forward to the extra business it will generate for us. thank you!" - Geoff M. - Tista Cleaning Services

"Naomi is fantastic to work with. Listens to everything that we need and follows through asap. Totally recommend her business!"Jenna H. - Challenge Yourself Goodna

"Naomi is amazing! She manages various platforms for us and provides such quick turnaround on any requests. Her skills far exceed anything I would have ever prepared myself. Thanks again Naomi we really do appreciate what you do." - Kellie M. - Brisbane Electrical

Bits from the Blog

Why Integrity Is Integral To Business

By Cameron | March 19, 2018

Integrity + Business = Trust When it comes to the internet and connecting to any business that is on it, there is a real concern to many users out there, Trust. Trust is one of the most important factors when both existing or potential customers take any steps towards interacting with your business. One of the key factors…

Consider these when developing your online strategy

By Naomi | February 11, 2018

What to consider when developing an online strategy Social media is all about engagement – and is the most popular of all the web traffic channels.Consumers can now read your reviews, tag you and converse with you. Because there is so much conversation happening, organizations no longer have the control over their company identity. Consumers demand you…

What to consider when developing an online marketing plan

By Naomi | February 11, 2018

Things to consider when developing an online marketing plan A lot of people are DIY SM Marketers- and so there are so many tools to out there like SOS Tank, to help you develop a  marketing strategy.Do your research – check out Reddit, Feedly, Google ad words. There are so many channels to research, and…

Customer Marketing on Social Media

By Naomi | February 11, 2018

Strap yourself in and get comfy – social media marketing is here to stay. So you need to get good at it. Here are some of the platforms to consider.   Have you considered these forms of customer marketing? Crowdsourcing – being active online and asking for crows input. The crowds give you ideas, and…

how to make the most out of social media

By Naomi | February 11, 2018

Making the most out of social media   Everyone wants to know how to have effective social media and of course make the most out of the platforms. One of the big key focus points is keeping up with the strategies and ever-changing platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linked in are the biggest players; having…

the history of social media

By Naomi | February 10, 2018

The history of social media   Social media is one of the biggest changes in modern times – a powerful effective communications tool for all aspects of the world today. People sell, they connect, they find support and it can be a hugely beneficial platform. Since the early 2000’s the evolvement of the internet and…

9 Tips on the Art of Copywriting

By Naomi | February 10, 2018

The Art of Copywriting Copywriting has been around since the 30’s – it started in newspapers in the form of advertising and has of course evolved. In the digital landscape, you are writing for scanners – not readers. Research shows, that when scanning a page for information, they tend to read in an Lshape or…

Millenial Business – the good and the different

By Naomi | January 26, 2018

Everyone has heard about the changes to Facebook – with one hand they aim to make you spend more money on advertising – with the other they aim for you to spend less time on the site and have more meaningful connections. As the often critiqued millennials lead the way f the future how do…

Business reach – the ever changing digital landscape

By Naomi | January 21, 2018

Back when social media was first started, we used to measure organic reach all the time. It was all about how many you could reach for free. Facebook recently updated their algorithms to feature more trusted news stories, and of course the new business page feed.  Now the key focus areas are engagement and increase…

Parenting and Social Media Management with Mood eSolutions

By Naomi | January 17, 2018

Hey, everyone we’re Cam and Naomi, husband and wife team – providing comprehensive creative digital marketing solutions for your business. Cam and I both have business backgrounds that cover a few different industries, and over 20 years work experience in customer relations between us; we created this baby as a natural extension of assisting in other…

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