Back when social media was first started, we used to measure organic reach all the time. It was all about how many you could reach for free. Facebook recently updated their algorithms to feature more trusted news stories, and of course the new business page feed.  Now the key focus areas are engagement and increase your followers- therefore the quality of your content needs to be better. You have to make your followers want to engage and follow you.

My tips for the future would be – treat Facebook like another paid advertising platform – you may be able to increase your fan base with some competitions etc but ultimately paid advertising is where it’s at.

Know what metrics matter to your business and focus on those – track your audience’ actions after they click on your ad.

Target your audience carefully, and choose images wording to capture their attention. Make your post emotive to address a need, a problem, a solution.

Post carefully, quality over quantity. Choose an audience that has visited your website before, and re-target their associates.

Track the metrics that relate to your business, use your audience insights to create content.

Lastly, experiment, try anything to get engagement. You need to be an influencer and become one of the cool kids.

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