Everyone has heard about the changes to Facebook – with one hand they aim to make you spend more money on advertising – with the other they aim for you to spend less time on the site and have more meaningful connections. As the often critiqued millennials lead the way f the future how do we work together to build a better world rather than tearing down the generation next – how is that helpful for business?

What’s interesting to me is the reason behind this – thanks to the very different and not so good political climate Mr. Z is trying to increase the quality of new in your feed. He is aware and happy that you will see less content from news and business feeds – and encourages you to have more emotive connections when you are online.  It’s a great example of someone who created a powerful platform and can see how it’s being used for negativity and is changing it despite it having a personal effect on his own fortune.

As a huge influencer of modern business and a relatively young billionaire, Mark Zuckerberg looks to be a leader in the way of modern ethical business. It makes you think – given how much people critique millennials for being unrealistic and idealistic, is this where millennials shine? Holding onto their ideal ethics, despite it affecting them personally. How can we as small to medium business’ take this example and apply to our own business’? He is all about the emotional motivation of leaving behind a legacy – and he has a huge platform to do this. Is this was millennials lack?


I recently read an article in leadership – stating that the performance management/ micromanagement style of 3 strikes and you’re out is dying. Now there is a way where business owners look at an individual and find and create a role that reasonably fits with their lifestyle. No longer do we fire people but we look for a way to find a role for longevity. A company in America, recently raised all minimum wages for their employee to 70k, allowing them to buy homes, and so increasing their overall happiness with their work life. If your employees are able to achieve their personal goals, stick to their ideals and ethics without always being ruled by bottom dollar… will that make them happier and make them stay??? How do we as small business owners balance this ideal business model with doing business the way it’s always been done…