9 tips for copy writing

The Art of Copywriting

Copywriting has been around since the 30’s – it started in newspapers in the form of advertising and has of course evolved.

In the digital landscape, you are writing for scanners – not readers. Research shows, that when scanning a page for information, they tend to read in an Lshape or or corner shape. When copy writing for web content, there is a few key points to remember.

Tips for staying on point –

Keep it simple and short.

Think about layout – people read in a corner or L shape.

Use a spellchecker and grammer tool. You don’t need Oxford style grammar, just good English.

Practice condensing your message down into fewer characters

Use unique images to support and explain your message – part of social media is imagery to catch someone’s eye – if you need management with this, we can help

Most people understand web link text – provide options for them to click but don’t continuously ask them to leave the page their on.

Be relevant – use keywords, power words and appropriate hashtags.

Have fun and experiment – remember all forms of digital art start to look the same – so try new things, step outside the box occasionally and see where the digital art form of copywriting can take you!

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