Things to consider when developing an online marketing plan

A lot of people are DIY SM Marketers- and so there are so many tools to out there like SOS Tank, to help you develop a  marketing strategy.Do your research – check out Reddit, Feedly, Google ad words. There are so many channels to research, and so many platforms to understand that having a basic understanding at least is key.

The first step is to of course asses your business; are you ready to be marketed? What are your goals? How are you going to get there?What do you need to measure and how?


How will you consider yourself successful? What is the exact result you’re looking for? How will you prove what your doing is working?

Key things to remember is just because you are increasing your following doesn’t  necessarily mean your increasing brand awareness – your focus should be on new followers and interacting with old.


Try the smart analysis- it’s a great way to discern your business objectives and figure out your time frame – for both specific and broad spectrum goals. How and what will you measure to prove its working? Sometimes when you’re in the business day today, you need a clear path to follow For a free social media business consult call 0738141626


Really understand your clientele – what are they looking for online? How can you be effective with imagery? What are their aspirations?What traditional marketing plans do you have to integrate with your online marketing plan? How do they work together?


Make sure you research and choose the optimal plan for your business – there is so many out there and that doesn’t mean they are all for you. Sometimes being an active participant in an enthusiast group is actually a great way to get business- but it’s not the usual style of social media marketing that people think of. Or you can try an interactive education channel, like vlogging. When creating education content remember three key points, what are you saying, what are you showing and what are you sharing.

Have you set up your sales funnels? What is the journey? Does it start with a video, does it move them to a blog, a product or something else?How socially interactive is your website? is there potential for more interaction?


The key question to ask yourself when developing your strategy is – why should your customer follow you? Your purpose is to educate inform and entertain.


Do you have an appropriate marketing calendar and scheduling tool? HootSuite, Buffer, content schedule are just some of the ones you can use.There are so many out there it can be a process of trial and error to use figure out the best for you.


We are just at the starting to understand and develop how we use social media in business – there is so much to learn still. For your free social media consult and to see where can take your business call 0738141626 today or enquire online


developing an online marketing plan