What to consider when developing an online strategy

Social media is all about engagement – and is the most popular of all the web traffic channels.Consumers can now read your reviews, tag you and converse with you. Because there is so much conversation happening, organizations no longer have the control over their company identity. Consumers demand you be present at all times and available. You need to constantly monitor what is being said about your business online. Part of your online strategy is how to be ever available to interact online with potential consumers.

Consumers use the web to make decisions, and

online strategy development

they use multiple devices to make decisions.

Usually, they have 2-3 screens in front of them, and your user is very distracted. So your customer is usually distracted, and not only that they do a lot of research before they buy. They want to know about your reputation, they may search for coupons, they may see how you interact online.

Some questions to ask yourself when planning your online strategy are:

How are you going to have this great conversation?

You need to break it into steps – maybe you don’t have a team to delegate to if you don’t give us a call to chat about online marketing support. Make sure you apply your standard planning process.Define channels, platforms, messages, and clientele.

Who are you talking with?

What do you know about your consumer? When are they online, what do they like to see; are you marketing toward men or women?

Have internal policies, understand legal requirements and make sure your staff is trained and educated and sign off on processes.

Aim for consistency. Make sure you’ve trained the people using social media.

What is the ROI and what metrics are you using?

What is the result your looking for and how will measure this? What data do you need to monitor to make sure your strategy is effective?


Developing a strategy is like any other task in business. Start with the result and work backward. Social media is learned skills that is time-consuming – if you don’t have the staff dedicated to the role you can look at employing an online marketing team. For your free business consult please call 38141626.