Strap yourself in and get comfy – social media marketing is here to stay. So you need to get good at it. Here are some of the platforms to consider.


Have you considered these forms of customer marketing?

Crowdsourcing – being active online and asking for crows input. The crowds give you ideas, and gives you insight into their’ brains’; they also crowdfund – think Kickstarter. It’s a fantastic way to have that two-way conversation.


Provide customer service via twitter, facebook or whichever major platform your clientele is on. If that’s where your clientele is comfortable mete them there.


Creating shareable content – word of mouth sharing is the big gold star – key point is to talk about your customers. Customers only want to know what you can do for them and you need to earn being talked about.


Consider employing a social media manager – you need someone to focus and measure your social media. It can take a bit of time to experiment and find an effective balance for social media. Get your free social media audit here and work out a strategy for your business.


Remember social media is different from paid media – and its one part of a larger marketing plan. If you would like to discuss a traditional marketing plan for your business book in for a consultation today or call 0738141626.