The history of social media


Social media is one of the biggest changes in modern times – a powerful effective communications tool for all aspects of the world today. People sell, they connect, they find support and it can be a hugely beneficial platform.

Since the early 2000’s the evolvement of the internet and social media has been a steep curve. From simple pages of information, to pay for click advertising, to a full scape of engagement.  Now it is the biggest interaction platform in a humans life. Love it or hate it, it is here to stay.

We have moved our lives from offline to online in less than 20 years – one of the fastest evolution in the history of humans.


One of the biggest changes is, of course, mobile technology – the easily accessible life we lead now enables us to be connected all the time permanently. We have increased our pace of life exponentially, as we can access everything now, we can find out everything now and we want it now.


Understand the social changes not just locally but globally is huge – and how it applies or filters down into your own local market is important. Each country, the continent is in a different state of social change, and social media trends and bandwagons take time and filter differently to where you are.

So before you jump into social media; do your research – not just on your business, or clientele, but your country the trends and whats new in the digital world.

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