Making the most out of social media


Everyone wants to know how to have effective social media and of course make the most out of the platforms. One of the big key focus points is keeping up with the strategies and ever-changing platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linked in are the biggest players; having been around for a decade or more. Recently Pinterest has gained some huge growth, a huge increase in users, and business potential in the fact that is your

social media ingredients

business has strong visual content it drives traffic to your website more than twitter.

Instagram has been a huge favorite with the younger crowd, quite often you will find the younger generation have an Instagram account over a facebook account. A massive visual storyboard tool for your business, you want your prettiest pictures on there.


Part of the huge curve of learning for organizations is to go from a traditional marketing cycle Advertise- compare- engage to a social style of marketing cycle – awareness, engagement, and buying.



Companies are very much not in control of their media anymore, it is very much a consumers market.


So to make the most out of social media remember this – the market is the most powerful conversation you will ever be a part of. Being in the market, interacting with the market and contributing is how you stay relevant. Keep this in mind when you develop a strategy for each of your pat forms. Once upon time companies controlled advertising and media and now it is the people who control what is seen or not seen. People will only see your business and what it has to offer if what your putting out is worthy of talking about. So now we have to work hard to connect with people.


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