Integrity + Business = Trust

When it comes to the internet and connecting to any business that is on it, there is a real concern to many users out there, Trust.

Trust is one of the most important factors when both existing or potential customers take any steps towards interacting with your business. One of the key factors to building trust in your customers is to have integrity. Integrity is a quality sought after by employees and clients alike, it shows them that your brand can be trusted.

So what does integrity in business look like?

Simple! Just do what you say you will do. There is no magic formula here.

In every aspect of your business dealings, you should aim to under promise and over deliver.

How can we offer it as business owners?

Keep it honest, if you have clients be open with them and as a result, build trust.

If you are like us and build websites, make sure you choose reputable software and services.

The above also rings true if you are the one providing the software or service.

You can also open up to your customers, talk to them about things other than business. Here is a blog post introducing us as business owners and discussing how we handle parenting in business.

Make sure your morals show in all your actions, both within the business and personally as a business owner.

What’s in it for me?

When you take time to use integrity in your business and it’s dealings, you generate a sense of trust. Your customers will look to you as an influencer in your industry and as such, look to you for further help and information.

In the long run, you will build a strong foundation of loyal clients which will have the potential to generate a growing number of leads and opportunities for your business to grow even further.

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